can you elaborate pls?


What is there to elaborate. Posts that use Asia only to refer to East Asia exclude the rest of Asia to the point where it is dangerously assumed that nothing happens to other Asian women. Asia is not just East Asia. “Asian” girls aren’t just stereotyped as submissive and school-uniform wearing infantilized girls; other “Asian” women are viewed as incubators, spicy nubile whores, virgins, hypersexualized and dehumanized. When you start referring to East Asia as the only Asia, mindfully or not, you omit other realities, a massive fucking lot of historiography and struggles. It also shows you’ve internalized the fetishizing of East Asia by thinking of Asia in only terms of Japan, China, etc. It’s embarrassing.

"The place in which I’ll fit will not exist until I make it."

now he is blasting classical music from his car as he drives away

landlord just said that my olympic (pink) track bike is “cute”


Michael Deforge illustrates some uncommon “king” varieties in the last Monster.

Wooksang Kwon